Why You Should Take Your Business Branding More Seriously!

Why You Should Take Your Business Branding More Seriously!

When it comes to branding your products, it’s important to be clear and focused. No matter the size of your business, understanding the importance of branding is crucial. Discover how promotional products can positively influence your brand’s image. By establishing a strong brand identity, you connect more effectively with your target audience. Continue reading to learn why investing in business promotional products is a wise decision for your brand strategy.

Launching a new business or rebranding your existing one can be challenging, especially with a limited marketing budget. To optimize your spending and return on investment, consider leveraging promotional products and company swag. Across the US, promotional items are the most favored marketing method compared to other advertising forms. A study by PPAI shows that 73% of individuals are more inclined to buy from a business if they have received and retained a promotional product from them.

  • Emotional Connection through Promotional ProductsEmotional Connection through Promotional Products

In branding your product, whether for a small business or a larger corporate entity, it’s important to adopt a clear and consistent approach. Consistent branding effectively maintains customer awareness of your presence. Our online store facilitates this process, making it easier for you to maintain brand consistency. As consumers become familiar with your brand, they start to expect certain actions from you. Notably, 83% of recipients report feeling a stronger connection to a brand that gives out promotional products.

Once customers form a connection with your brand, they may begin to relate to it emotionally. This emotional bond can make them feel a personal attachment to your business, leading to pride in using your products or services. A prime example of such brand loyalty is Apple. Consider why many consumers keep the boxes of their iPhones, MacBooks, or other Apple products. We will most likely never need the box again, but we hold on to this packaging. For many, it is because it is beautifully constructed and we are proud of achieving this product and owning a piece of an iconic tech brand. Consumers who feel connected to you and your mission are more likely to be loyal to your business and be repeat customers.

  • Strong Brand Identity through ConsistencyStrong Brand Identity through Consistency

Brand consistency is crucial for shaping a positive and clear perception of your business. It builds a strong identity that resonates with desired emotions and values. While creating a consistent brand may seem straightforward, it’s often challenging to achieve. Inconsistency can lead to varied customer perceptions, causing confusion and even frustration. Every interaction a customer has with your brand shapes their opinion, and inconsistency can make your business appear untrustworthy.

This is where corporate swag can play a significant role. By selecting a range of products that align with your business needs and branding them with your logo and color scheme, you can enhance brand consistency. As experts in promotional branding, we recognize the importance of a cohesive image. When you order from us, we ensure that all custom promotional merchandise is of high quality and maintains your brand’s consistency.

  • Business Brand Building through Social Media ChannelsBusiness Brand Building through Social Media Channels

What’s better than free marketing, especially on a platform that can reach thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people instantly? With nearly everyone using smartphones and engaging on social media today, branding has become somewhat easier. If customers like your product or service, they’re likely to share it with others. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure your product or service is easily recognizable. Word of mouth remains one of the most effective forms of marketing, with high conversion rates. People are more inclined to trust and try out products or services recommended by friends or family.

  • Quality vs. Quantity

In today’s market, many people prioritize the quality of the products they purchase. Statistics show that 59% of consumers value the quality of an item more than the quantity they receive, indicating a preference for products that last longer and can be used repeatedly. Therefore, when selecting products, it’s wise to consider durable materials such as metal, cotton, canvas, glass, or even recycled materials.

In terms of popular categories, 61% of consumers report they would keep and use apparel items for two years or more. This longevity means significant exposure for your brand or logo, with an estimated 7,856 impressions! For drinkware, 63% of people are likely to keep such items for a year or more, leading to numerous daily impressions over countless cups of coffee. Even promotional pens are valued, with 52% of recipients keeping them for at least a year, each pen potentially generating over 2,436 impressions. These statistics highlight the importance of quality and durability in promotional products for maximizing brand exposure and impression over time.

  • Sustainable Promotional Products are a Hit

This brings us to the growing trend of eco-friendly promotional products. Nearly half of consumers, 46%, prefer receiving eco-friendly items from companies. By choosing environmentally friendly options, not only are you contributing to sustainability, but you’re also likely to increase brand visibility as people use your durable, eco-conscious products over time. Consider making a lasting impact with some of our popular sustainable material products.

Even More Quick Promotional Item Facts

Here are some interesting bits about branded promotional products that you might find intriguing:

  • 54% of people have a better opinion of a company that gives out promotional products made in the USA.
  • 61% of recipients say they’re likely to look up the product or service of a company after receiving a promotional gift.
  • 66% of individuals prefer receiving corporate merchandise from brands they already know and like.
  • Drinkware tends to have the most significant influence in the Southeast, Midwest, and Pacific regions.
  • 62% of people feel valued when they receive a promotional gift from an employer.
  • Polo shirts are particularly impactful in the Southeast and Southwest regions.


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We aim to help you create a brand that stands out, encourages engagement, and brings joy and empowerment to people.

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