Why You Should Be Using Press Releases in Your Brand Marketing

If your role involves promoting your products or services, incorporating press releases into your marketing mix is crucial. Press releases are not only effective but also efficient in spreading the word about your offerings, attracting leads, and enhancing your brand’s visibility.

Cision’s data underscores the effectiveness of press releases in brand marketing:

  • 68% of companies have seen an increase in brand or product visibility after issuing a press release.
  • Press releases featuring multiple images garnered six times more engagement.

A big mistake companies often make with press releases is focusing too much on promoting themselves. Instead, it’s important to share news that matters and is timely, keeping what the audience needs and wants in mind. Your press release should give readers useful and interesting information. To learn how to write a good press release without making common errors that might turn off journalists or bore readers, you should check out this helpful article from Marketing Profs. It’s really worth reading.


People have different opinions about press releases; some love them, others don’t. You might be someone who doesn’t use them much because they seem confusing, or maybe you use them a lot, thinking you need to announce everything your company does.

The thing is, press releases can really help promote your brand, especially if your company is just starting. However, they sometimes get a bad name because people don’t always use them the right way.

There’s no special secret to good PR. The most important thing is to make sure what you’re announcing is actually interesting and newsworthy.

What Makes a Press Release Succeed

It can be hard to match the level of attention bigger competitors get. The truth is, making a successful announcement takes a lot of effort – we’re talking weeks of work.

The success of these announcements isn’t just because they’re sent out on a newswire. It’s because they have well-thought-out strategies that appeal to different people, ongoing PR efforts, and a lot of active pitching, which is really important but often overlooked.

Think of press releases as a part of your bigger business plan. They can help you get media attention, create market demand, build authority and credibility, and increase awareness of your brand. They’re also great for proving your worth.

Why Press Releases and Brand Marketing Go Hand in Hand

  • Boosts Visibility: When you release a well-crafted press release, it can get picked up by various media outlets. This means more eyes on your brand and what you have to offer. It’s like getting a shoutout from multiple sources at once!
  • Builds Credibility: Press releases add a layer of professionalism to your brand. They show that you’re serious about your business and you’re not afraid to be in the spotlight. This can build trust with your audience and potential customers.
  • Enhances Your Storytelling: Every brand has its own unique story, and press releases are an excellent method to share it. They are great for introducing new products, announcing events, highlighting company successes, and helping to craft your brand’s story in an engaging way.
  • SEO Benefits: Yes, press releases can help with your search engine optimization efforts! By incorporating relevant keywords (like ‘Brand Marketing’) and getting backlinks from media coverage, you’re boosting your online presence.
  • Reaches a Wider Audience: Press releases can go beyond your existing audience and reach potential customers who might not know about your brand yet. It’s a way to tap into new markets and demographics.

What Makes News Worthy of a Press Release

How can you tell if your announcement is important and worth sharing as news?

Try making a chart with four categories of news: corporate, product, thought leadership, and partner/community. Here are some examples for each:

Corporate: Getting new funding, opening a new office in another country, hiring a well-known leader, achieving something significant.
Product: Launching a new product (but remember, not every new feature is big news).
Thought Leadership: Publishing your own research, studies, case studies, or statistics on current trends.
Partner/Community: Starting new programs, forming major partnerships (although not every partnership is big news), introducing new services, or community projects.

Benefits can also include…

  • Company momentum
  • Brand awareness among target audiences
  • Marketing efforts, such as SEO and search
  • Investor interest
  • Merger or acquisition interest or activity
  • Market demand
  • New partnerships
  • Credibility and word-of-mouth referrals
  • Competitive differentiation
  • Thought leadership

In Conclusion

Identify your target audiences and think about how to present your news in a way that’s interesting to the publications they read. Act as your own PR representative: send editors your press release with a personal message that emphasizes the main points that would interest their readers.

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