Why You Need A Promotional Products Partner

Why You Need A Promotional Products Partner

A promotional products distributor is someone who helps you find special, branded items to promote your business. In this article, we’ll talk about what these consultants do and why they are important to your company.

Promotional products are a great way to make your brand more visible. Unlike ads on TV or in magazines, these items last a long time. Shows like “American Pickers” often highlight how old items from brands like Coca-Cola or Budweiser have helped these companies remain popular over the years.

To make the best choices, you might want to work with a distributor consultant. They can offer creative ideas, expert marketing advice, and strategies to maximize the impact of your promotional products.

So, what exactly are promotional product distributors, and why should you consider hiring one?

Why Promotional Products Work

Research shows that promotional products are a great way to boost brand awareness. When you use marketing tools that engage your audience, they’re more likely to remember you when they need your products or services.

Here are some key points to remember:

  • Promotional products are one of the most effective types of advertising according to consumers.
  • 76% of people can remember the name of a brand featured on a promotional item they received.
  • Including promotional merchandise as a gift with purchase at checkout often leads to more sales than just offering a discount.
  • American businesses spend about $20 billion each year on promotional products. The world’s biggest companies use these items to build customer loyalty, spread their advertising messages, and more. They use them to connect with customers, share their unique stories, say thank you, and encourage specific actions, all while boosting their brand’s visibility and value.

What Is A Promotional Products Distributor?

A promotional products distributor is a creative partner who helps you choose and design unique, branded items that promote your company’s goals. These marketing experts collaborate with you to come up with ideas for promotional products and the best ways to use them.

Working with a distributor consultant gives you confidence in choosing the right products and strategies for your brand, your audience, and various events. The right partner makes the whole process easier, from coming up with ideas to getting the products to your customers.

5 Reasons To Partner With A Promotional Products Distributor

When you work with a promotional products distributor, you get more than just a product; you also build a relationship and get a customized experience. They can provide unique and high-quality promotional items, but more importantly, they are a great resource for developing your promotional marketing plan.

Having a strong partnership with a professional in the promo industry can greatly increase the success of your promotional campaigns. Here’s why:

1. They Understand the Big Picture.

They Understand the Big Picture

Distributors are creative people with a lot of marketing knowledge, and they’re ready to share it with you. They will help you set your marketing goals and incorporate promotional products into your campaigns. When you have a strong relationship with a distributor, you gain a team member who is both imaginative and strategic.

2. They Have Inside Product Knowledge.

They Have Inside Product Knowledge

Working with a promotional products distributor gives you access to their expert knowledge of the industry and the latest trends, helping your campaign to stand out. They have professional connections that allow them to source millions of products, from simple things like stickers, key chains, and pens to high-end items like gourmet food baskets, stylish clothing, or fancy drinkware—these have been especially popular recently. During the pandemic, distributors also became skilled at finding personal protective equipment that could be used for promotional marketing. In short, distributors can find unique and new items that you might not be able to get on your own.

3. They Have Experience.

They Have Experience

Promotional product distributors keep up with the latest products, safety regulations, industry innovations, and trends through ongoing education and networking. They can save your marketing team a lot of time by suggesting products that best represent your organization and its message.

Distributors who hold top-level credentials, like a Master Advertising Specialist (MAS) or Certified Advertising Specialist (CAS) designation, have proven their expertise. These certifications show they have industry experience, ongoing education, and have passed a thorough exam. To keep their MAS or CAS, they must recertify every three years and follow the Promotional Product Association International’s code of conduct, which ensures their products are safe and responsibly sourced.

4. They Understand Printing Technology.

They Understand Printing Technology

All this expertise means they understand what strategies are effective and which ones aren’t. When customizing products with your company logo and message, you need to think about the materials and features of the products, as well as the various printing methods, which have grown a lot recently. These factors influence the quality of your finished items, so it’s important to have the guidance of a distributor who knows which method is best for each material. Distributors can also help you with the artwork details to ensure your logo and message look great.

5. They Can Help You With Your Distribution Plan.

Buying products won’t boost your marketing if you don’t distribute them properly and in an engaging way. Promotional product distributors have lots of experience and ideas that can inspire you.

When you work with distributors, they often help you come up with marketing strategies to ensure your efforts are successful. They can assist in creating and carrying out a distribution plan that excites your customers.


t’s important to pick a distributor who gets you, your business and your needs because you want to build a good relationship with them. With the right promotional products partner, you’ll get high-quality products and great service.

A great distributor ensures that you receive quality promotional marketing products that effectively spread your brand message—products that recipients will want to show off, use, and keep. Visit OptamarkDistributor.com to learn more.