5 Reasons Promotional Products Need to be Part of Your Marketing Plans

Happy New Year! It’s a great time to start with a new marketing plan and budget. Last year was full of surprises, but we’re more prepared for 2024, even though we still have a lot to learn. For marketers, it’s important to have a plan that can change easily, because we might need to update it or even start over as the year goes on. Now, let’s look at 5 important reasons why you should include promotional products in your marketing plans this year.

1. Complement digital efforts

In 202, we saw a huge jump in digital advertising spending, and this trend is expected to keep growing in 2024. By combining promotional products with your online campaigns, you can make your brand pop in the crowded digital world. The cool thing about promotional products is that people can actually hold, feel, and sometimes even smell them, making them more memorable. Imagine someone holding a mug or wearing a t-shirt with your brand on it – that’s a lasting impression! To link these tangible items to your digital world, consider adding a landing page URL or a QR code directly on the promotional product. This way, people can easily connect to your online presence, creating a consistent bridge between the physical and digital aspects of your marketing strategy. This approach not only enhances brand recall but also offers a unique, multi-sensory experience that can set your brand apart in a digital-first world.

2. Maximize staying power

Did you hear that every promotional mask gets seen about 4,235 times on average? Plus, half of the people say they would keep a mask with a logo for up to three months. This is cool because it shows that promotional products last longer than just the first time someone sees your message. They stick around, making them a lot more effective than other kinds of ads. Think about it – every time someone wears your branded mask, it’s like a walking billboard, keeping your message out there for a longer time. This long-lasting impact is what makes promotional products such a smart choice in advertising.

3. Excellent for loyalty programs

Last year, people weren’t as loyal to brands as they used to be. They’re more willing to try new brands and might even stop using brands they once liked.

Getting new customers is harder and more expensive than keeping the ones you already have. It can cost five times more to get a new customer than to keep an existing one. But if you can keep just 5% more of your current customers, your profits could go up by 25% to 95%. That’s huge!

So, why not start a customer loyalty program in 2024? You can use promotional products like useful items for the home as rewards or to spread the word about your program. This way, you’re giving your customers something they can use and appreciate, which helps remind them why they like your brand. It’s a friendly and effective way to keep your customers coming back.

4. Turnaround time is quicker than you think

This year, it’s really important for marketing plans to be flexible. Marketers should be ready to change things up fast if they need to. At Optamark Distributor, we understand this need for speed. Depending on what you choose, we can get your promotional products to you in about 10 to 20 business days after you approve the design. And if you’re in a real hurry, we might be able to get them to you even sooner, though there might be some extra fees for that. We’re here to help make sure your marketing keeps up with the fast pace of this year!

5. Help with virtual event and meeting engagement

Even though vaccines are being given out and we might start having more events and going to work in person, experts think things won’t start to feel normal until around fall 2024. For now, holding events online is still the safest choice. But we all know it’s not easy to keep people interested during virtual events. A fun idea is to send out promotional items before the event that people can use during it. You could also give them away as prizes for games or quizzes during the event. Things like snacks, candy, and gift sets are always great for prizes. They’re a nice way to add some excitement and keep everyone engaged!


Businesses might think about cutting their marketing budgets a lot this year. But even with tight budgets, it’s smarter to make careful, small cuts rather than big ones. The Harvard Business Journal discovered that companies that carefully adjust their marketing budgets, really focus on what their customers need, and quickly change their strategies, tactics, and products to meet changing demands are more likely to do well during and after a recession. Optamark Distributor is here to help you pick the right promotional product that fits both your budget and your goals!